David Kennedy

“I believe that one of the most important factors in living and working in Thailand is to understand Thai language and culture. Through Baan Aksorn I have not only found it easy to learn the Thai language but the teachers have also helped me understand the Thai culture and meaning behind the words.”

Katsuhide Otsubo

“I have been studying Thai language here for more than three years, and have come to pass several Thai language proficiency tests. I continue my studies here, because the teachers kindly advise not only about Thai language but Thai culture and customs as well, skillfully and efficiently. I assure that every student can learn smoothly at this beautiful school and nice classrooms which are designed to match Thai traditional architecture.”

Paul Lauritano

“Thai language lessons from Baan Aksorn provide a perfect opportunity to really get to know Thailand and Thai people. After learning basic vocabulary, you can sit down and talk about things of interest. As a businessman who has set up ventures in the past, it was also very beneficial learning and discussing words that have helped me in business.”

Chrissa La Porte

“I think my teacher’s greatest asset is her patience. With the help of her clear enunciation and tireless repetition of words and their meanings, my vocabulary and ability to hold a conversation grows at each of our lessons. Her good sense of humor makes our conversations, even with my beginner’s vocabulary, great fun. Moreover, the school is a wonderful setting in which to learn. In its quiet corner of Bangkok, the school looks onto a lovely garden, and its many classrooms allow for private conversation.”

Robert Knox

“My first evening of language lessons was quite a shock because my teacher asked me to pronounce the words khao, khao, khao, khao, khao… Having said that, five years on I have learned a great deal and have come to love Thailand and the Thai people. I continue to take lessons from my first Thai teacher who has also become a trusted friend.”


“I have been working here for 4 months, and I felt that the next natural thing to do was to start preparing myself more for the Thai culture and especially for the language. I have been studying Thai with Baan Aksorn for about 2 months, three hours a week. During my free time I try to use Thai as much as possible. I can ask for help, ask for prices, directions, among other things. I feel that most of the time Thai people are very surprised even if I just speak a little bit of their own language.”

Don Kavanagh

“Foreigners in Bangkok who decide not to learn Thai are missing out on so much. By understanding the language you hear every day all around you, a whole new world opens up particularly the culture and the unique Thai way of thinking. Set in the tranquil setting of a beautiful Thai house surprisingly close to Sukhumvit Road, I have found learning here convenient. Learning has been easy and fun, and the instructors are professional, patient, and highly trained.”


“Baan Aksorn is a very beautiful and comfortable school, and the coffee they serve is delicious! The teachers are friendly but cultured and polite. They have also a great deal of experience, so I am confident I will keep improving my Thai abilities.”