Curriculum Approach/Philosophy

Thai as a Second Language has been designed to cover all essential areas of Thai language and culture. Lessons integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as culture-sharing into its programs.

The courses are offered in three levels which are Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Thai and will include content on Thai traditions and culture. The appropriate teaching units will be matched to each student for best results. Instructors will continually adapt teaching lessons to suit any situation.

Baan Aksorn suggests that a beginning student learn Thai alphabet writing, Kor to Hor pronunciation, combining letters, and spelling. After students learn Thai language fundamentals, they will continue to learn words and meanings and how to create sentences. In the beginning of the course, the instructor will explain the lessons in English for better understanding of the students. Instructors will integrate activities and evaluations throughout to achieve maximum results.

Courses for all levels!

Speaking & Listening:

Beginners Course:
Beginners Speaking 1 (40 Hours)
Beginners Speaking 2 (40 Hours)

Intermediate Course:
Intermediate Speaking 3 (40 Hours)
Intermediate Speaking 4 (40 Hours)

High Intermediate Course:
High Intermediate Speaking 5 (40 Hours)
High Intermediate Speaking 6 (40 Hours)

Advanced Courses:

Specialized Courses:
Survivor Thai I & II (10 Hours Each)
Business Thai I & II (40 Hours Each)

Discount Rate! Intensive Course:
Intensive Course (40 Hours, any level)

Bigger Discount! Intensive Group Course:
Intensive Group Course (40 Hours, any level)

Reading & Writing

Thai Alphabet & Tone Rules (30 Hours)
Gain Proficiency & Speed (40 Hours)
Preparation for Por Hok Exam / Literacy Test for Foreigners: Customized