Welcome to the Baan Aksorn Community BlogSpace!

While traditional blogs elevate a single writer’s voice, the Baan Aksorn BlogSpace is meant to be a community area for all interested in learning the Thai language. We especially want to invite STUDENTS to write about their experiences, their frustrations, their victories and milestones in order to help other students to achieve their Thai language goals. Baan Aksorn instructors and staff as well as guest scholars and other Thai language aficionados will also be featured.

To be a guest blogger:

Simply read through the guidelines (downloadable in PDF on this page) and submit your contribution to your instructor or other Baan Aksorn Staff Member or email it to info@baanaksorn.com. All Guest Bloggers who are published will receive a 400 THB Gift Certificate, which can be used for the purchase of additional lessons, materials such as Thai language books, Thai language flash cards or Thai workbooks or can be fully transferred to a friend or colleague. Gift certificates are good for 6 months.

Want to share your thoughts but don’t know what to write about? We would love your contribution on any of the following recurring topics:

  • SAY SAWADII KHA! (SAY HELLO!) Help us see what it’s like to be new to the big mango and write about your first impressions, first misunderstandings and first adventures
  • GETTING THE MOST OF THAI LESSONS: Write about what has worked for you
  • HOW TO KEEP PROGRESSING EVEN WHEN YOU THINK YOU’RE HAVING A KUNDALINI AWAKENING: How to get through those rough periods when Thai is ringing in your brain and you still don’t know what it’s saying
  • EXPLORING A LANGUAGE LEARNING TECHNIQUE: from how to learn 10 words per day to how new research on language learning can be applied to the Thai language. Or even how you did with Skype lessons while on a business trip!
  • 555 SPOT: Share your sense of humor:
    • Mnemonics for remembering vocabulary
    • The new joke going around
    • A funny thing happened on the way up to the karaoke machine
  • POP THAI: spot an interesting new pop culture trend? Bemoan the increased cost of fake dental braces or your pictures of Thai police with Hello Kitty arm bands. Investigate the trend and report back to us!
  • SAY SAWADII KHA! (SAY GOODBYE!) Sadly most students are only in Thailand temporarily and they must leave to follow careers or new adventures. Before leaving, give us your exiting thoughts – it will help us all to live more appreciatively in this super-charged city. And please also share your favorite secret hideaways, most craved for eateries and whether your apartment is now up for rent.

All blog submissions may also be posted on other social media to encourage discussion.


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